The common mistakes that can cost you the licence

We find that after the sponsor licence is granted, many sponsor employers do not pay enough attention to their sponsor duties. For example, they do not update the Home Office when the job roles of their migrant workers change. They also do not inform the Home Office of changes to their organisation. For example, if their office address changes or if their corporate structure changes and/or ownership changes.

After Sponsor licence is granted

Sponsor’s reporting duties.

It is important to pay attention to the changes and consider any implications for the migrant and your organisation before making those changes. To illustrate this, if your migrant worker’s job duties are amended so significantly that their new job is under a different Soc Code (Soc Codes are job types listed by the Home Office) this migrant will need to apply for a new Skilled Worker visa before starting the new job.

Another example is when the organisation changes ownership, the licence is normally lost and the organisation needs to apply for a new licence. All the relevant changes have to be reported to Home Office through SMS system.

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Further important example is when your organisation is taken over, merges with another organisation or if your organisation is restructured. These corporate changes normally have impact on the sponsor licence and on the sponsored migrant workers. Sponsor employer organisation need to update the Home Office promptly of those corporate changes, and depending on the circumstances, may need to obtain a new sponsor licence.

As a result of the corporate changes, the migrant workers may have been transferred to a new employer, which would also mean they would need to be sponsored by the new employer’s organisation. If the new employer does not have a sponsor licence, they would need to obtain one promptly and complete all the required notifications confirming that they have taken over the migrant workers.