Indefinite leave to remain

ILR gives its holders the right to live, work and study in the UK for as long as they like, but it is usually lost if absent from the UK for 2 years (or 5 years for EU Settled Status holders). When you have ILR you can also apply for benefits if eligible. Furthermore, you can apply for British citizenship after 1 year on ILR (unless married to a British national).

There are several routes to ILR in the UK. Some of the visas leading to ILR in the UK are listed below. For a comprehensive list of routes to ILR and citizenship visit Home Office website.

ILR does not have all the advantages of citizenship. When you leave the UK for more than 2 years (5 years when your ILR is under the EU Settlement Scheme) your Indefinite leave to remain expires. Only in limited circumstances, you may then apply for a returning resident visa. You may also be subject to deportation order as an foreign national offender while holding an ILR.

Visas leading to ILR in the UK

Anyone who wants to get British citizenship has a choice of visas to pick from. Many visa types give long term residence rights and ultimately Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)/permanent residence. Best immigration lawyer can help to choose the right visa for you. Help in getting the best visa can be a complicated and time consuming task if you have no UK immigration knowledge.

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Most of the UK visa types eventually lead to permanent residence/ILR and citizenship but there are some that do not. One of those that do not is the Intra Company Transfer (ICT) visa.

Information on standard path to gaining the Indefinite ILR is described on this page.

Those who have not been in the UK on a qualifying visa leading to ILR but were in the UK legally, may still acquire ILR through long residence route (10 years ILR).

People who have been in the UK for 20 years or more can acquire visa in the uk even if part or all time spent in the UK was as an illegal immigrant.

While applying for an ILR there is a need to supply HOme Office with a significant amount of information about our immigration history and travel. Application for Subject Access Request from Home Office is a great way of simplifying that task.