Why it is prudent to hire an experienced immigration lawyer

There is no legal obligation to have a legal representative when applying for any UK visa. However, if you decide to do it yourself you need to be prepared for a challenge. The UK immigration rules and procedures can be complex not only for the visa applicants but also for immigration lawyers and judges. For more complex immigration applications, such as spouse visas or most business visas, it would be wise to seek help or guidance from best immigration lawyers to avoid disappointment of visa refusal. You can still do some immigration related work such as right to work checks, without help from a lawyer or with occasional legal support.

Do I need to pay for a lawyer

There are several factors to consider when deciding to hire a solicitor to help with our immigration case. The most important are the complexity of the case and severity of the consequences of a refusal. In the case of several visa applications the Home Office fees are substantial and non refundable in case of refusal. It does make sense to pay for a professional guidance while making an application in such cases. What is particularly problematic for applicants in immigration cases are the constant changes in regulations and guidances.That makes it difficult for an average person to make a successful application for a UK visa.

It is good to remember that usually you get what you pay for.

You can not expect to receive great immigration advice for free. Immigration solicitors study and train for years to gain experience in their field. Experienced solicitors do not usually offer immigration help for free. However, many immigration lawyers will offer you a free consultation, to assess your case and see its prospects. Experienced solicitor will use this opportunity to asses your circumstances and your case. There is no reason for you not to use this opportunity to asses the immigration lawyer you are speaking to.

Things to look for while talking to an immigration lawyer.

Much depends on the case and its circumstances, but experienced lawyers would usually be cautious to guarantee 100 % success. It should be a warning if a solicitor or immigration lawyer promises you too much and present it as too easy. There may be some straightforward and easy cases, but those are rare. In particular in the immigration law field. Statements such as 100% success rate, easy and effort free application process should be a warning sign.

It is a good idea, while checking an immigration advisor website, to look for their credentials. The minimum that should be expected is the information about the regulating body. In the UK there are three main regulators for immigration advisors: Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) for Solicitors, Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) for regulated immigration advisors (Level1, Level 2 or Level 3), or the Bar Council for Barristers.

Do not get fixated on a single solution.

Many customers come to an immigration solicitor with a fixed idea of the solution they need. That is a fair and reasonable attitude. You know best what you want to achieve. However, there are many ways to skin a cat. An experienced lawyer can find a solution to many visa problems that an average person would not consider. That is why it is crucial to talk to an experienced immigration lawyer. It is crucial to have a consutation with an immigration lawyer before you procede with your case. Legal advice and guidance from a solicitor may make a difference between obtaining a visa and visa refusal.

An experienced lawyer, after carefully reviewing your circumstances, can offer you the best way to procede with a UK visa application.

For those who, for any reasons, choose to apply without a lawyer, we summarise below our key recommendations how to prepare visa applications:

  • start preparing your application well in advance. 
  • read carefully the Home Office immigration rules and guidance relating to your visa type.
  • do not overstay your visa, always apply for extension or a new visa before your current visa expires.
  • provide the specified documents that are required by the Home Office for your visa type. 
  • do not rush with your application as it is better to spend extra time and submit a complete application BUT always remember to apply before current visa expires. 
  •   ensure that you complete the correct application form and pay the correct fees. 
  • read carefully all questions in the visa application form to ensure that you understand them before replying or ticking any box.
  • last but not least, be honest about your past immigration history, any previous visa refusals both for UK and any other countries, any criminal fines and offences. 

Application checking service

We understand that making any visa application can be a daunting, stressful and expensive task. That is why we offer our application checking service for those who prepared their application and documents themselves but want a lawyer to check it before it is submitted.* Please contact us for details on this service.

When deciding what type of visa or service can benefit you most you can start from browsing our website. You can choose from our business immigration page or personal immigration page for an overview of your visa options and to find the best visa for your needs.

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We will check your application to find which areas need improvement or are fine. We will tell what needs to be done but will not do it for you. Assement will be done on the basis of the information and documents provided by you. Therefore any omissions on your part or failures to disclose information that will impact the application should not be considered a fault on our part. It is vital to disclose all relevant information concerning your application as it can have impact on the process and outcome of the application.

Our assessment will indicate likely chances of success for your application and provide information on any weaknesses in your case.