How expensive is UK spouse visa – fees & costs

UK spouse visa and other family visa application fees are significant. If you are a British citizen, are settled in the UK or have been granted asylum in the UK, you may be able to bring your spouse or Unmarried Partner to the UK. Assuming you and your partner intend to live together permanently in the UK after you apply and you meet the Home Office requirements.

Unfortunately, Spouse visa is quite an expensive immigration category. There are application fees and NHS Surcharge fees to be paid. Additionally, applicants have to meet financial requirements for the visa by specified way and provide strictly prescribed evidence. We provide more information about spouse/civil partner visa requirements and the procedure on our webpage. This is in addition to meeting the relationship requirement.

Spouse visa costs and fees UK Home Office

Outside of the UK entry clearance spouse visa application costs & fees

UK entry clearance spouse visa application costs & fees are listed below. Those are fees for applications submitted from outside the UK.

Application fee £1,538
NHS Surcharge (3yrs)£624 per year (1872 per application)
Expedited processing £600
Additional fees, visa application centre fees, courier usually less than £200
Note: For outside of the UK applications exchange rate charges may apply which can add to the cost.

In country leave to remain application spouse/partner visa costs and fees

In country leave to remain application spouse/partner visa costs and fees are listed below. Those are fees and costs for applications submitted from inside the UK. Those applications are called leave to remain.

Application fee£1,048
NHS Surcharge£624 per year (1560 per application)
Expedited processing£800
Biometric appointmentapproximately 70 to 200 £, although you should first aim to see if there are any free appointments available
Inside the UK spouse visa application and NHS Surcharge fees

Conclusions on costs of spouse/partner visa application

The costs of spouse visa application depend on whether the application is submitted in country (from inside the UK) or out of the country (entry clearance from outside the UK).

Most spouse/partner visas are initially submitted as out of the country applications. In certain circumstances, for example switching from skilled worker visa, the application may be made from the UK. However, it is important to note tat if you are on a visitor visa in the UK, as a rule you must not apply for spouse visa from within the country. We discuss it in more detail on this page.

Find the amount of fees for spouse visa by using the calculator below.

Application fees are only part of the costs associated with spouse visa. Applicant has to also make a mandatory upfront payment for the NHS Surcharge, 624 GBP per year of visa. The NHS Surcharge is currently 1872 GBP per entry clearance out of the UK spouse visa application OR £1,560 for in country leave to remain spouse visa application.

There are also smaller additional fees relating to the English language evidence, TB testing, translations, VFS Global or TLS services, etc.

Applicants would need to have the fees ready before they planned submission of spouse visa application.