There are several options for anyone who wants to come to the UK on a business visa. The choice of the visa depends on many factors, related mostly to the circumstances of the applicant and his goals. Choosing the best and cheapest visa arrangements is not easy. That what a good immigration lawyer is there for. We can resolve all your problems here.

Sole representative visa

One of the visas that fits many immigrants needs is sole representative visa, or Overseas Business Representative visa.The great advantage for the applicant is that sole representative visa opens a path to UK citizenship. Applicant can also bring to the UK his wife and/or children as dependants. Note that applicants have to meet certain criteria in order to qualify for the visa. First and foremost, the company establishing a sole representative in the UK can not have any office or subsidiary in the country prior to establishing presence there. Furthermore, the chosen representative must be given authority to run UK business branch independently, he needs to have sole authority to make decisions related to the company.

Skilled worker visa

Skilled worker visa is another option for someone who wants to come to the UK. That type of visa allows applicant to eventually settle in the UK as a citizen. In order to employ someone from abroad an UK company has to obtain a sponsor licence first. Obtaining a sponsor licence is possible without the help of a lawyer. Nevertheless there are risks associated with going it alone. Applicant may have to deal with a Home Office audit. Application can also be refused, in which case you will be barred from submitting another application for 6 or12 months.

Start up visa

Start up visa is suitable for applicants that lack funds required by other types of visas. The business must obtain an endorsement from an Home Office approved organization. The business has to meet more stringent criteria than in other types of business visas.

Innovator visa

Innovator visa is suitable for applicants that have more experience in the business area. This type of visa requires evidence of an outstanding business idea.

Investor visa

Those who have significant investable assets can apply for an Investor visa in the UK. Compared to other types of visas an Investor visa has significant advantages. The most important being that there is no requirement for English language skills or evidence of maintenance funds.

Tier 1 visa (Entrepreneur) extension

While Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa is no longer available in the UK, there are still those who obtained the visa prior to its abolition. Those entrepreneurs still do need to extend their visas. There are many specific requirements for the extension and ILR applications which makes the process cumbersome.

Intra company transfer (ICT) visa

The intra company transfer (ICT) visa does not lead to settlement in the UK but offers other advantages to the visa holder and the company employing him. In certain circumastances it is in the interest of the applicant or a company to use this particular type of visa. Talking to an experienced immigration lawyer can help to chose suitable visa arrangements.

Visitor visa

Not everyone intends to come to the UK for a long term. Those applicants may apply for a visitor visa. It would seem counteintuitive but visitor visa is often difficult to obtain and requires a lot of work from the applicant and his legal representatives. That can incur significant costs. Not everyone is required to apply for the visitor visa to come to the UK. You can check if you need to apply on the Home office website.

Other types of UK business visas

There are other types of visas for those who want to come to the UK. They are only suitable for applicants with particular circumstances. Those applicants may require advice from a professional legal immigration advisor.