Skilled worker visa for teachers and education jobs

Skilled worker visa is commonly used by schools and education trusts to employ overseas foreign teachers in the UK. The school or trust would need to first obtain a sponsor licence.  When the licence is granted they can assign work permits to overseas teachers who can then apply for skilled worker visas.

How to apply for skilled worker visa as a teacher

What teaching jobs are on Skilled Occupation List

There are a number of teaching jobs on the Home Office Skilled Occupation List. We list those jobs below. You can also find them in the UK immigration rules.

 2312 – Further education teaching professionals

2314 – Secondary education teaching professionals

2315 – Primary and nursery education teaching professionals

2316 – Special needs education teaching professionals

What teaching jobs are on the UK Shortage Occupation List

There are some specified teaching jobs on the UK Shortage Occupation List. We detail them below.

2314 – Secondary education teaching professionals – only teachers in maths, physics, science (where an element of physics will be taught), computer science and modern foreign languages

2314 – Secondary education teaching professionals – only teachers in Gaelic

What is the minimum salary for teaching education jobs on skilled worker visa

The minimum yearly salary for teaching jobs has to be at least £20,960 and the full pro-rated going rate for the specific job. There are lists of minimum salaries that education sector employers must pay to teachers in the Appendix Skilled Occupations. Those pay scales are applied strictly and to get the skilled worker visa the overseas teachers must receive at least the minimum pay according to the law.  

Except the minimum salary, there are also other requirements that applicants have to meet for skilled worker visa to be successful. You may want to read the information in our other article on skilled worker visa as well as our other skilled worker related articles. The UK immigration rules are of course the primary source for the information on any UK visa application.