Finding a job in the UK

We frequently receive enquiries from individuals who ask us to find them a job in the UK or who do not know how to find a job in the UK. The approach and ways of job search may differ depending on the region in the world or country you are coming from and therefore we decided to provide a short note below on the job search in the UK topic.

As immigration lawyers we are not recruiters and we do not advertise or offer jobs. However, we can give some general tips on how to look for jobs in the UK. You do not need to be physically present in the UK to search for jobs, as the jobs are advertised online and employers frequently arrange interviews remotely via digital modes, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

job search finding in the UK

The tips for job search in the UK

  1. Prepare a well drafted typo-free CV, with your work experience, education, qualifications etc.
  2. Look for suitable jobs online. There are many recruitment websites that advertise jobs. Examples are: Job Search | Indeed , Jobs and Recruitment on, the UK’s #1 job site , UK jobs and recruitment (, and many more. There are also specialist recruitment websites for particular job types, e.g. HealthJobsUK | , Care Home Jobs UK – UK Care Home Job Vacancies ,
  3. Be patient and do not get discouraged by rejections. Practice makes perfect, so the more CVs you send, usually the better your applications become.
  4. You may also seek jobs visa LinkedIn, by connecting to recruiters in the UK or checking the job offers advertised on LinkedIn Job search: Overview | LinkedIn

Which jobs are suitable for Skilled worker visa

The job offer has to meet the minimum skill level of RQF Level 3 or above and pay at least the minimum salary for the specific job, as indicated on the Home Office Skilled Occupations list.

In addition, the employer that offered you the job must already have, or be willing to obtain, an authorisation from the Home Office, which is called a sponsor licence. List of all UK employers that currently hold the sponsor licence is here Register of licensed sponsors: workers – GOV.UK (

Register of licensed sponsors: workers

It might be helpful, while looking for the job in the UK, to make sure the prospective employers already has a sponsor licence. They are more likely to consider offering a job to a migrant. The website where you can do that is available there. The register can be accessed on line or the list can be downoladed and searched on your device. The second option may be more convenient as the list is extensive.