What it is like to work as UK immigration lawyer

During our everyday work we deal with a variety of Immigration and Nationality cases. UK immigration is certainly not a boring area of law to practice. The law is dynamic and changes to the immigration rules and Home Office policies are published nearly every day.

Immigration laws are so infamously complex that even the immigration judges and Home Office representatives sometimes have to admit that they are unable to comprehend it. If you enjoy reading caselaw you may attempt to read a recent case of Kabir . During the proceedings at the Upper Immigration Tribunal (UAT) the Home Office Presenting Officer was unable to explain the immigration rules. This case very well illustrates the problem.

Further below we present a snapshot of our most recent challenging matters that we have completed successfully. This will give you an idea as to the type of UK immigration cases we handle at Thaxted Legal. We selected the cases with some complex legal or practical circumstances to illustrate their complexities.

Our success stories – Sponsor Licences

Some of the sponsor licence applications are more complex than other. Below we give three different examples.

  • It is normally much easier to obtain a sponsor licence for a larger company than for a micro one. We recently assisted with a sponsor licence application for a small limited company with only one Director with no employees. We prepared the case with diligence and included detailed explanations. The work was rewarded as the Home Office granted our client’s Skilled Worker sponsor licence before the 8 weeks standard processing time.
  • Another sponsor licence matter, which presented challenges for very different reason, was a case where the sponsor licence applicant business already submitted their sponsor licence application without any legal assistance. They received a request for further documents and information from the Home Office with a very short deadline. When they got in contact us us, this client had only few days left to fulfil this obligation. We explained to client what is required from them. The sponsor company managed to provided us with their information and documents for our review in the evening on the final day. We worked until late at night and managed to submit all the documents and information timely. Their Skilled Worker sponsor licence was granted by the Home Office within a few days.
  • The third example is a case when a sponsor licence applicant was a well established sports club. They submitted the application without legal assistance. With the application they failed to submit some of the mandatory documents and information and the application failed. At this point the senior management of the club contacted us to seek help. We prepared a new application within a short time. We used the Priority Service for the application.Their sponsor licence was approved within a week or so after submission.

Our success stories – Settlement (ILR) Applications

  • We assisted an individual and his family with obtaining Tier 1 Entrepreneur Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). The challenge in this case was that the applicant Tier 1 Entrepreneur changed his type of business to Property Management, which on the face of it is not permitted by the immigration rules. We analysed the immigration rules and Home Office Tier 1 Entrepreneur Guidance and we found a loop hole which we used to justify that our client’s case should succeed. The application was successful within a couple of months of submission.

Our success stories – Family applications

  • We were instructed by an applicant (mother) who was granted her UK visa but her child’s visa was refused on the grounds that the father of the child was not applying for UK visa. The legal issue involved was ‘Sole Responsibility for a child’. We write more about Sole Responsibility in UK immigration law in our blog here. We had only short window of time to prepare a new application for the child as the mother had to be in the UK by a specific time. We prepared detailed case with relevant supporting documents and detailed cover letter presenting a compelling case for our client. The child’s visa was granted within 2 week’s time and our client arrived in the UK with her child timely to start her planned activities.