Global Talent visa (previously known as the Exceptional Talent visa)

The Global Talent visa is for those individuals who are world leaders or emerging world leaders in the fields of:

  • digital technology,
  • humanities,
  • engineering,
  • science,
  • medicine,
  • the arts,
  • architecture,
  • research,
  • film and television,
  • fashion design,

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Obtaining the visa is a two stage process:

Stage 1: applying for an Endorsement

Each DCB has its own set of endorsement criteria and there is a limit of endorsements that can be granted each year. The limit has never been reached yet. The applicants must provide support letters from eminent experts in their respective fields as well as provide other documents to evidence their achievements to date. The processing time for endorsement is normally approximately up to 8 weeks, although there are some expedited options available.

Stage 2: once the endorsement is obtained the applicant for the visa can apply within 3 months.

The processing time for the visa varies, but it is normally about 2-4 weeks. The initial visa can be granted for up to 5 years.

Global Talent visa holders who are endorsed as ‘World Leaders’ and those who are endorsed in Science or by the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), can apply for settlement after 3 years. Others can settle in the UK after 5 years. It is worth to mention that the 3 years route to ILR does not apply to dependants, who will require 5 years before applying for ILR irrespective whether the main applicant qualifies after 3 years.

The Global Talent visa holder can work for any employer, be a Director or be self employed in the UK.