How much do I have to spend on UK Skilled Worker work visa

Working out how much a Skilled Worker visa to the UK costs can be a challenging task for someone who is not an immigration lawyer. There are so many factors to take into account when doing the calculations. In short, Skilled Worker visa can be complex for applicants applying on their own.

To make the task of calculating the government fees for a Skilled Worker visa easier, we prepared a calculator that prospective sponsor employers and applicants can use.

About the Skilled Worker visa fees calculator

Our calculator takes into account the different Skilled Worker visa types (e.g. Health and Care visa, Shortage Occupation) and various other circumstances that can impact on the cost of the visa (e.g. when a Student is switching to a Skilled Worker the sponsor employer is exempt from the Immigration Skills Charge). The sums involved can vary significantly, depending on the Skilled Worker visa type and other circumstances relating to the migrant worker or the sponsor employer.

Immigration skills charge

The biggest fees are usually for the Immigrations Skills Charge (ISC) and the NHS Health Surcharge which is also called the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS). ISC fees depend on the duration of CoS (Certificate of sponsorship), the migrant worker and the size of the sponsor employer’s organization. Sponsor organizations that qualify under the ‘small company regime’ in the Companies Act 2006 Companies Act 2006 ( , and charitable organizations Search the charity register – GOV.UK (, pay lower ISC fees of £364 per each year of Cos, and a lower application fee of £536 when applying for a sponsor licence.

By comparison, other sponsors (medium/large organizations) have to pay £1,000 per each year of Cos for ISC and £1,476 for the initial sponsor licence application. Sponsor employers must pay the ISC fee at the time when they assign Cos certificate to a migrant worker.

Skilled worker visa NHS Surcharge

NHS Surcharge (IHS) fee applies to all Skilled Worker visa applications, except the Health and Care visa. The Health and Care visa main applicants and dependants are exempt from the IHS fees. The current IHS fee rates for those who are subject to payment are as follows: £624 per each year of visa for adult applicants and £470 per each year of visa for applicants who are under the age of 18 at the time of application. The IHS fees are mandatory and must be paid upfront at the time the Skilled Worker visa application is submitted online.

UK skilled worker visa cost fees