Sponsor management system (SMS)

After sponsor licence application is approved, Home Office emails the sponsor’s nominated Level 1 user with a password to access the online Sponsor Management System (SMS) account. Such account is assigned to each sponsor employer. SMS can be accessed by Level 1 user(s) appointed by the sponsor organisation. You can find more information about the Key Personnel in our link authorised persons appointed by the organization. All operations/notifications associated with your sponsor licence should be done via your designated online SMS account, including the following:

  • managing or renewing your organisation’s sponsor licence
  • creating and assigning certificates of sponsorship to prospective employees (Worker or Temporary Worker)
  • reporting changes of circumstances of your sponsored employees or students, including withdrawal of sponsorship, change of work location, change of normal weekly working hours
  • reporting changes to your own circumstances, for example a change of ownership or a new location
  • reporting changes in your Key Personnel – Authorising Officer, Key Contact, Level 1 user(s), Level 2 user(s)
  • requesting COS allocation(s)

You can start using the system by going to this webpage.

It may be a good idea to consult Home Office guides for using SMS.