ICT visa vs skilled worker visa

ICT visa Intra Company Transfer

Below we present a short comparison of the key features for the Skilled Worker and ICT visa categories:

  • The skill level required for Skilled Worker visa is NQF Level 3 or above and for ICT visa must be at least NQF Level 6 or above (graduate level jobs).

  • The job categories (i.e. SOC CODES) and assigned to them minimum salaries are published by the Home Office).

  • For Skilled Worker visa the minimum salary is £25,600 or the SOC CODE minimum if higher, and for ICT visa the minimum is £41,500 OR the SOC CODE minimum if higher.

  • Tier ICT visa can be used for employees who are already employed by an overseas company and who are now being sent to work in the UK subsidiary/branch. The Skilled Worker visa category does not require previous employment with an overseas company and is available for both current overseas employees and to new hires.

  • You cannot apply under Skilled Worker or ICT categories if you are applying for permission to work as a Sportsperson or a Minister of Religion.

Intra Company Transfer visa is a special type of work visa. The visa, however, does not lead to a ILR. It may be, for many, considered as a serious drawback. In some circumstanes, though, the ICT visa is usefull. Those are the people who do not want to stay in the UK for a long time or to settle there. They do not need to take the English test either.